How is your company different from other service companies?

Maple Irrigation offers a level of personalization that other service companies in our area do not have.  We assign staff members to each customer so that you can expect to be interacting with the same person every time you contact us for an appointment or have service completed.  We find that this develops trusting relationships that benefit both the customer and our team and improves communication.  We also aim to provide the shortest possible service time window in our industry.  Depending on the type of service schedule currently operating, we can narrow appointments down to within 30-45 minute windows.  This allows our customers more flexibility in their daily schedule and helps eliminate unnecessary waiting time.  Most other service companies offer a 2 or 4 hour service window.

What are the most important components of my system?

As a homeowner you should be familiar with several system components. The first is your tie in which is how water is supplied to your irrigation system. This will be located either outside by your water meter or inside your home near the main water valve. If you are ever experiencing an emergency situation you will need to turn this off to stop water supply.

The second most important component is whether you have a backflow preventer device. This is an integral system component for water safety and is required for our Loudoun county customers. To find out more information about backflow preventer devices please visit our information page for ‘Backflow Testing’ under Sprinkler Maintenance.

The last piece of information you need to know is how many zones you have and where your timer is located. For most of our service visits we will need access to the timer to verify system function for any issues related to watering or repairs. The number of zones of your system will help us accurately estimate the amount of time needed for regular service visits as well as the size of your property.